Why Solid surface?

In 1965, DuPont was made of methyl methacrylate as an adhesive, with natural ore aluminum hydroxide powder as a filling material, supplemented by color slurry performance, under the scientific name SOLID SURFACE / Corian Stone.It is perfect for making bathroom products and kitchen products.

One other material has obvious defects Other materials have obvious defects; natural stone has radioactive health threat to people and the environment, high water absorption rate and easy leakage, heavy weight transportation difficulties; low wood fire grade, flammable, permeable; fire plate strength, low hardness, corrosion resistance, stainless steel expensive, not easy processing, single tone, cold, tile, splicing installation has obvious large cracks, easy to breed bacteria, glass fragile, easy processing and other obvious defects, hardness, toughness, easy repair.


Two artificial stone sanitary ware surface material can make up for its defects Artificial stone sanitary ware surface material to make up for these defects, it has rich color, excellent flame retardant performance, easy to clean care, strong pollution resistance, health and environmental protection without radiation, comfortable feel comfortable, high toughness, easy to repair, no trace stitching, can be any bending, friction prevention, scratch prevention and other advantages.

These advantages of artificial stone sanitary ware materials meet people's personalized needs, the demand for artistic beauty, safety, health, ecological environmental protection, because of this, artificial stone sanitary ware can be in the fierce market, competition from the historic moment, to lead the lead.

KITBATH believe can produce more elegant solid surface products for you and your markets.

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