Stylist of Sinks

Picking the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming choice with the flurry of options available. How to choose a sink? A undermount or countertop, a space-saving pedestal sink, a colorful vessel basin? Here a few types for your reference:

Vessel Sink: Sits on top of the countertop, like a bowl sits on a table. The bottom of the sink is often flush with the countertop, but it can sometimes be sunk an inch or two beneath the surface.

Drop-In Sink: Also called a self-rimming sink, this type of sink has an outer rim that sits atop the counter and holds the sink in place. This is a common type of sink due to how easy it is to change out without replacing the entire countertop.

Undermount Sink: Installed underneath the counter. A precise hole must be cut in the countertop to accommodate this sink. This means that they are harder to change out without replacing the countertop.

Vanity Top Sink: A single piece countertop that has the sink built-in. As a rule of thumb, go with one that is about an inch bigger than your vanity to create a slight overhang.

Wall-Mounted Sink: A type of sink that requires no vanity and can be installed directly on the wall. Great for bathrooms with minimal space.

Pedestal Sink: A free standing sink that is supported by a column. Another great option for small bathrooms.

Console Sink: A wall mounted sink that has the addition of 2 or 4 extra legs.

Whether you are looking for elegance, charm or a more stylish, your wash sink can be an irreplaceable ally that enhances your bathroom and helps you reach your design goals. In our modern sinks collection we are included multi types as well as good to used and easy maintain sinks to help you pick the perfect one for your bathroom.

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