Solid surface bathtub advantage

Solid surface bathtub is named for its bright color. At the same time, it is also called Artificial stone bathtub because of its unique workmanship and materials.
Artificial stone bathtubs are the latest bathtubs that reject the shortcomings of acrylic bathtubs, ceramic tubs and cast iron tubs because of their many advantages. They are the representatives of fashion and high quality. Because of its higher requirements for technological level, there are not too many domestic manufacturers who can produce artificial stone bathtubs in large quantities. The production process of artificial stone bathtub is made of several other materials such as environmentally friendly transparent resin, glass beads and aluminum powder. It is made by stirring, casting, splicing and careful polishing. At the same time, different colors can be blended in the manufacturing process, so that different beautiful shapes can be obtained.
Artificial stone bathtub features The product has simple and elegant appearance, high surface finish, small heat transfer coefficient, good thermal insulation performance, high strength, good toughness, engraving and compression resistance, strong wear resistance, mildew and bacteria resistance, high temperature resistance, difficult contamination, easy cleaning, no aging and easy repair, and the weight is only 65% of that of a common artificial stone bathtub. The wall thickness of the artificial stone bathtub is generally about 2.5cm, and the radian will be about 2mm thinner.

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